Bikers for a Cause

Riding together to promote safety and support our community

Bikers for a Cause is dedicated to making cycling safer and more accessible for everyone in Metro Manila. We recognize that many Filipinos rely on bicycles for transportation due to the high costs of public transit, but safety remains a significant concern.

Our organization has distributed helmets and reflectors in various areas, including West Service Road and Monumento, in partnership with the MMDA. These efforts aim to provide essential safety gear to cyclists who often cannot afford it.

In a recent event, "Valentine’s Handog Para Kila Manong Bikers," held at Welcome Rotonda, over 120 helmets, water bottle cage holders, and rear lights were given to cyclists. This initiative underscores our commitment to enhancing cyclist safety and recognizing the efforts of our everyday biking heroes.

Our mission goes beyond providing helmets; we advocate for safer roads and the implementation of protected bike lanes. We rely on donations to continue our work. If you would like to support our next helmet giveaway on Ortigas Avenue, please visit our Facebook page for more details.

‘I Want To Ride My Bicycle’

In this interview with The Manila Times, Mike Serrano, head of Bikers for a Cause and MMDA consultant, discusses the importance of promoting bicycles as a healthy, affordable mode of transport. He calls on the private sector to support a 'bike-friendly workplace' and highlights the organization's efforts to improve cyclist safety.

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